A day in my life

A bit of a rogue post for me, but I thought it would be fun to take you through a random (week)day in my life. Every day is obviously slightly different, and I only do my internship during the week, but it will still give you a rough idea of what a day looks like for me. I chose Tuesday 20th October, mainly because that’s the day I’m writing this!

7:30am – wakeup & yoga

I start every week day at 7:30am with 25-30 minutes of yoga. Last year I didn’t do this but, since getting into morning yoga over lockdown, I decided to carry it on. It sets me up perfectly for the day ahead, lets me be grounded and present as well as stretch out my muscles. It honestly feels like such a treat to start my day so gently.

8am – breakfast

Usually I’ll make myself porridge for breakfast during the week as it’s quick and delicious. However, today I decided to go for pancakes. I made the batter the night before so they didn’t take long to throw together. Along with a (decaf) coffee, it really was the perfect start to the day.

sorry for the un-edited, slightly unappealing photo

Between 8:15-8:45am (whilst eating breakfast) I tend to post on the two food brands’ Instagram pages that I run and get some admin done. I’ll also share my morning thoughts on @fruitsandroutes 🙂 Then it’s time to brush teeth, do my skincare routine and get dressed for the morning’s work.

9am to 1pm – Work

For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently doing an internship with a Madrid-based translation agency. It’s what I was meant to be doing on my year abroad (in Madrid), but due to covid I’ve started it from home. It’s part-time, and I typically do 4 hours a day from 9am until 1pm – although on some days I’ll take a break 12-1pm for sport, then finish my final hour after lunch. Occasionally I’ll take my work to a cafe at 11am for a change of scenery.

the best single-origin “bean to bar” hot choc

1 to 2pm – lunch

At the moment I am loving toasted wraps with humous, falafel, tahini, lettuce and maybe some salsa or sriracha if I’m feeling fancy. On this particular day I also had a cup of tea because I was COLD.

2:30pm – walk/ friend

I met a friend for a walk this Tuesday; it was a great excuse for fresh air and a catch-up. Since I’d been at my desk all morning, my legs were really stiff and I just felt really cold and lethargic so it was good to get moving a bit. Definitely recommend going out for a walk – even if it’s only 15 minutes – if you get cold in your flat, because then you feel so much warmer when you get home.

4:30 to 6:15pm – snack/ study/ stretch/ social media

Pre-training, I tend to make myself a good old snack that’s slightly bigger than usual to fuel me for my session (and make sure I don’t get hangry mid-session). I’m currently in the planning stages of my long essay for English (it’s like half a dissertation), so I worked a bit on my proposal for that. Plus I wrote this blog post! Then I did some of my rehab exercises and stretches to get me ready for training.

I also try to use this time to post on fruitsandroutes, as well as draft the posts for Moorish and Seeds for the next morning.

6:30 to 7:30pm – training

I’m really enjoying group training at the moment. Obviously we have to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, but our little training bubble is really great and it keeps me motivated. On this particular Tuesday we did 2x8minute tempo (2minute float) and 1x 4minute rep, plus warm up & cool down.

8 to 10pm – dinner & wind down

Post-training, I shower, make a quick dinner (meatball toastie on this occasion), have some pudding in front of Netflix with my flatmates and then stretch, foam roll and read before bed.

not my dinner but…

10:30pm – lights out

I’m averaging about 9 hours sleep at the moment and it’s been great. It makes waking up at 7:30am much easier!

I hope you’ve found this post fun to read, and until next time 🙂

Emma ♥♥