About me

Hi! I’m Emma, an 18-year-old blogger about all things running, racing and training – including nutritious recipes which I have developed to help fuel my body in the best way possible. I’ve also recently opened up about my eating disorder history, and have started sharing my personal experiences and thoughts with you on a number of mental health related topics. It can be easy to get caught up in the seemingly “perfect” world shared on social media, so I try to keep things 100% real with you. I don’t get PBs every race, not all my food looks or taste good, and I’m not positive all the time. This is my space to nurture my passion for running, writing and recipe developing, but my aim is never to force an opinion on you. After all, I’m a blogger, not a qualified professional!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments then don’t hesitate to contact me via Instagram: @fruitsandroutes or head on over to my Contact Me page to find out other ways of getting in touch.