Brighton 10K

A bit of a shorter post from me today as I’ve had to write this pretty rushed, but after getting a 100% “yes” response on my Instagram poll I couldn’t not share today’s race experience with you. If smiles are any indicator of race satisfaction, then you can probably already tell that I’m pleased with today’s result.

Race prep

Unlike with my Half-Marathon, I didn’t devise a specific 10K training plan. Yes, I wanted to take this race seriously, but since track season has now begun I didn’t have time to fit any tailored training in. I didn’t taper either, as I’ve been getting into the swing of track. And I had a form dinner last night = late night = 7 hours sleep (I usually get >9!). You’re probably thinking that is wasn’t the best race prep, and you’re right – to an extent. However sometimes it’s nice to not let running completely take over your life and just enjoy it.

time to shine

After meeting up with Beth and Alice, we dropped our bags off and went on the mandatory loo-trips. A (very very short) jog later, we halfheartedly did some dynamic stretches in what was an extremely “unprofesh” warm-up. To be honest we were too busy chatting and catching up to take it too seriously! I’m usually a bit of a nervous wreck pre-race, so this was a nice change for me. At the start line, Alice and I said we’d be happy with sub-42 (or thereabouts), and decided to run together as we’re so similar.

pleased to say I overtook her!

alice’s adrenaline rush

One thing Alice had failed to tell me was that she experiences a huge adrenaline rush at the start of races. And I mean huge. However, because it was so crowded in the first km, it wasn’t too pronounced and I managed to keep up with her. I tend to be a negative split-er, meaning I do the second half quicker. I didn’t think I’d be able to maintain the pace at first, but we eventually settled into a rhythm after the initial frantic rush.

the hidden hill

I went into this race pretty blind if I’m honest. I thought it was a flat, sea-front course. It turns out the first half snaked all the way around the lanes and part of central Brighton. And the catch was a short but rather steep incline which had been kept quite quiet. Coming into it I inwardly groaned but I just focused on not letting the gap increase between myself and the person in front, then gaining on the downhill.

bit of a random one but I ran out of mid-race photos


Mid-way through the race, I pulled a bit away from Alice (sorry chum!) and started to focus on getting that negative split. At this point I didn’t know if it would be possible, but I was still overtaking quite a number of people. I also couldn’t figure out if this was due to my speeding up or their slowing down… Either way, I was making good headway. The conditions were pretty perfect – cloudy, not too warm or breezey, and dry – however I started getting really hot. Let’s just say at the water station, more water went on me than in me. Mid-race shower anyone?

cheeky watch check

With 1km to go, I gave it all I had. The lactic acid was really settling in now, and the prospect of finishing was the only way of working through it. Sadly, the man I overtook with 200m to go pipped in front of me before we crossed the line, but other than that no one else got past me. I had a cheeky check of my time on my garmin, and it clocked me in at 40:24. This was a huge PB, and the official time has me down at 40:22 which makes it a 3.5 minute PB. Happy? Yes. Exhausted? Definitely. I think I felt more dead after today’s race than after the Half…

I also later discovered that I came 29th woman/2792  and 114th overall/ 4552. Pretty chuffed if I may say so myself 😇

cringey medal holding pose

race village exploration

At the end of the race, I got my medal and goodie bag and waited for the others to finish before heading to the race village. My Mum snapped some shots of us on the beach, and we got a few freebies – although in my opinion there could’ve been more freebies 😜 Anyway, I didn’t bring my money which was a bit sad because I spotted a bargain Adidas vest which was in my size. I think I’ll be having a browse of Ebay this evening!

“the runner’s high”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my 10K experience, and I just want to congratulate anyone who did either the BM10k or the full-blown marathon. Of course, I’d love to become a fellow marathoner too, but not for a few years. My coaches have told me to be sensible and not damage my body just to be able to say I did a marathon at 18!

Emma ♥♥