Injury update

I haven't spoken much recently - on either my blog or my Instagram - about my injury. Not because I magically healed, but because there wasn't much to update you on. And also partly because, being the superstitious person that I am, I thought that by putting any progress in writing, it would all come … Continue reading Injury update

Getting into RPM

Since starting at the University of Edinburgh, I've joined the gym and have been trying to make the most of it. My membership includes over 100 weekly classes, so I've inevitably given a few a go. The one I keep going back to is RPM, which I'll be telling you all about in this post. … Continue reading Getting into RPM

Holiday training guide

Going away? Or maybe you only train with school, so the holidays mean you have no organised training. Either way, it can be pretty hard to come up with training sessions on your own. Especially if you're in another country (unless it's a dedicated training camp!). Before I share my tips for keeping the mojo … Continue reading Holiday training guide