Daily Routine during Covid-19

I think I speak for most of us when I say that Corona Virus (Covid-19) has really shaken up my daily rhythm. I’m now back home after my parents came and helped me pack everything up. Uni and exams have been cancelled for me and, although I have an essay to write and some work for Moorish, there’s no denying I have a lot of time to fill. So I thought I’d share a post highlighting some daily practices you could incorporate into your life to try to get some sort of routine going. Because routine is so important for mental and physical health in my opinion!

Wake up & rise

This may sound obvious, but when working  from home it can be so tempting not to set an alarm and stay in bed all morning. I’m not criticising you of your code to do this, and your body will probably appreciate a bit of a lie in at dust, but waking up at your usual time can hello kick start your day and establish a routine. Our body clock’s thrive of consistency so this can be a big help! 

rise n shine!

The next thing to remember is to nourish your body, and starting the day off with a delicious breakfast is a great idea. I have lots of recipes on my blog/ instagram so definitely check them out! And even if you are less active than you would usually be, you still need to eat! I can’t emphasise that enough. Plus you do not want to spread your immune system at this time so stay fuelled and strong.

last brochan (takeaway edition)

A bit of movement medicine can be great for your mental and physical health. But i want to stress that this exercise should be for YOU, not anyone else. There aren’t exactly any competitions coming up! So enjoy it, do what makes you feel good and only if you want to. Walks, jogs, yoga, at-home workouts are all great options BUT they are not necessities. Don’t feel pressured to exercise if you don’t want to! I’m looking forward to letting my body rest and heal my niggles as well as mixing up my sport routine a bit.

Alex sent me this and had to share!

If you keep a journal already then keep that up! It might feel like you have nothing to write about but I would argue that we are currently in a crucial period that will go down in history. So having your own dusty documenting it all will be incredible for your future self (& future generations!). And if you don’t already journal, it could be fun to start now. A line a day, a few thoughts, a page… whatever you want. Make it yours!


If working/ studying from home is available to you then absolutely keep this up. It will give you a sense of purpose that is so needed at this strange moment in time. A good idea may bee to work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break so you don’t burn yourself out, or simply follow your usual working day’s schedule. Be disciplined though and don’t take your work to bed! 

love a bit of spanish grammar!
Tick something off your bucket list

Do something every day that you always say you’d do “if you had time” (provided it’s in line with the government’s guidelines). Now you have that time, do it! Read that book/ watch that film/ try that recipe/ start that blog… the options are endless!

before social distancing…
Bed time

Lastly, try to stick to your usual bedtime. If you can maintain a regular sleep/ waking routine then you’re already halfway there to creating a routine. Your body will be able to adapt better to these new circumstances because at least one thing is staying the same. 

I hope this post has helped you feel a bit less overwhelmed by the prospect of social distancing/ isolation. If everyone does their bit and follows the government’s guidelines, then we will overcome this much quicker. Please be socially responsible and don’t ignore the science!

Emma ♥♥