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it’s my 1-year blogiversary!!!

I honestly can’t believe a whole year has passed since I shared my first blog post. It was the recipe for this frozen berry smoothie bowl which I still love and make most Sundays. But my photography and writing-style have definitely improved since then. Anyway, when I realised that my 1-year anniversary was coming up, I got thinking about what I wanted to do to celebrate. I wanted to thank you guys for all your support throughout the year – especially those of you who have been here since day 1. That’s why I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram which will be running for a whole week. In this post, however, I’ve decided to do a “get-to-know-me” style Q&A, because I thought it was about time you learnt a bit more about the gal behind fruitsandroutes 💖

same recipe, different photo!


the questions

1. Full name

Emma Chloé Gill (people always tease me for the accent on my middle name)

2. Where are you from?

So I’m half-french on my mum’s side, but have lived in the UK for my whole life. I’m currently based in Brighton, but that’s going to change next year when I go to Uni.

3. Favourite drink?

I do love myself a good herb tea (especially peppermint & licorice) and the occasional almond milk cappuccino.

4. Favourite food?

So I couldn’t limit this to just one because I love waaaay too many foods. I’m actually embarrassed at how long I took to answer this questions but a few of my faves are: sweet potato, hummus, peanut/ almond butter, tahini, dark chocolate, granola, porridge, nice cream, coconut, halloumi burgers, millionaire’s shortbread… the list goes on!

5. A-level subjects

English lit, Maths and Spanish. Spanish is defo my fave!

6. Favourite holiday destination?

That’s a toss up between South Africa (I’ve been there twice and have fallen in love) and Sri Lanka.

lil throwback to South Africa on the safari with my friend Gina in the back

7. Best childhood memory?

Family reunions with my French side in Brittany every summer.

8. Non-running/ blogging hobby?

Reading – I’m currently on “The bell jar” by Sylvia Plath which I really recommend for the accuracy with which it portrays a mind with depression.

9. Biggest regret?

Caring too much what people thought of me when I was younger and not doing what I wanted to do because of this. Always comparing myself to others didn’t help.

10. Dogs or cats?

Always used to think I was a cat-person until we got a dog. Now I think I’m both!

with my doggo!

11. Biggest fear?

Going bald. I can’t explain it but if anyone else has this fear then you’ll understand. It’s not that I have anything wrong with being bald, it’s just the fear of my hair falling out and not being able to do anything to stop it!

12. Top of your bucket list?

Travelling around Bali. It’s been my dream destination for years now and I reaaally want to go and explore their culture!

13. Something you wish you were good at?

Drawing/ painting/ sculpting. Basically art in general.

14. Favourite colour?

Blue/ turquoise.

15. Favourite quote?

“Big things come in small packages”. I like to think that my height doesn’t define what I’ll bring to this world 😉

16. Star sign

Only the best – Leo.

17. Do you have any birthmarks?

I have one “black” birthmark on the bottom right of my back. Someone once asked me when I was younger if it was a dog bite 🙈

18. Have you ever broken a bone?

I fractured my left arm when I was about 2 years old, but apart from that I’ve been quite lucky (touch wood…)

19. Any nicknames?

Some of my friends call me shem or shembae (long story) and my brother calls me Em we also call each other billy… another long story).

20. Crunchy or smooth?

Really depends on what mood I’m in! I prefer crunchy on toast and smooth on my porridge, but I mix and match all the time.

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So I want to round this post off by saying how grateful I am for every single comment you leave on my photos and every message you send me, they really do mean the world to me. I hope that this year will be as successful as the last, and you’ll enjoy following me on my journey just as much.

Emma ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Get to know me

  1. Linda says:

    So nice getting to know more about you 🙂 South Africa sounds really interesting to travel to! I also love reading, though unfortunately I find that the work load from school atm kind of takes away my love for it a little, as I’m usually too exhausted for anything :/
    Anyway, looking forward to another year of blogposts and pics! <3

    • Fruits and Routes says:

      thanks Linda! I feel you on that one, recently I’ve only managed 10mins a day!

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