Guest Post: Why I Started Blogging (Nourishing Amy)

Just after launching Nourishing Amy, I was approached by my Instagram friend Emma of @fruitsandroutes to do a collaboration which made my heart sing for various reason: mainly because I was so touched and honoured that this gorgeous blogger would want to work with me (again) and how welcoming, encouraging and supportive the food and wellness blogging industry is.

Emma and I first ‘worked’ together when we hosted our 2K giveaway and #PBPARTY – if you joined in then THANK YOU, all the entries were just delicious and we shared our favourite posts weekly in the run up to the competition winner reveal. She was a pleasure to chat about all things peanut butter, and since then we are constantly in each other’s (virtual) lives.

So, now here I am writing a special post to feature on this wonderful blog and I am sharing something similarly Emma-related.

My journey into blogging began with my Instagram account @nourishing.amy (previously @amy_lanza_1) which developed from a personal ‘gramming account of me, my cats and my bakes to take on the form of a foodie blog. I was passionate about sharing my love for delicious food, plant-based whole meals and food styling with the world and through hashtagging (yes, we all love to hate them) and interacting with like-minded individuals, I’m happy to say my account began to gain momentum and of course, likes.

Ultimate Banana Bread

It was at the same time as my feed started to grow that I changed my account name to encompass my passion for nourishing, vibrant and wholefoods and I feel this was a huge shift for me. It felt as if this was a major step towards accepting and enjoying myself as more than someone with a keen interest in food, but as a ‘blogger’. Not only this, but my friends and family really started to take note of my burning desires to capture mealtimes, delicious moments and unusual foods – all of whom were always happy to taste my creations and experiments!

Rainbow Sushi Bowl with Apricot Kernel Satay Sauce

It only seemed right that my Instagram account should grow into a full-blown blog; after recipe requests, a passion for writing about food and for taking photos of said food. A little piece of the world wide web where I can share my recipes, my thoughts and my love for food with all who would listen. This wasn’t an easy decision for me to make. I was scared. I feared rejection. I worried that no one would read it, no one would like what I had to offer to the already saturated food blogging market. It was my mum who sat me down and laid it all out. She whole-heartedly encouraged me to start a blog, if I would be doing it for the right reasons: not for anyone else’s benefit but for myself. If it would bring me pleasure then go for it. If I would enjoy writing out recipes, creating new content and sharing inspirational messages, then do it. Be not afraid of not being the best, because in all honesty, the best food blogger doesn’t exist. Yes, there are awards for this but everyone is unique, every blog is unique, so find what you have to say that is unique and run with it. So, I found my voice within (Dreamgirls is now playing in my head…) and I JUST DID IT. I have a whole blog post here which delves deeper into the motto: JUST DO IT.

Strawberry Cloud Raw Cheesecake

Well, I planned, prepped and wrote out post after post and worked closely with my friend and brand designer to allow Nourishing Amy to be what I want it to be. I’m now one month in and am so passionate about growing my blog into all that I think and know it can be, but I must remember to take baby steps. And only time will tell how many followers or subscribers I will accumulate. But, as long as I can sit back and be proud of my work, then that’s a job well done. Watch this space…

Ratatouille Stuffed Butternut Squash w/ a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (all recipes online apart from the cheesecake)

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Amy for writing such an inspiring post. For those of you that have messaged me before asking how I started/ was it scary etc, this post perfectly summarises all those emotions!

If you fancy reading my post on Amy’s blog about fuelling to thrive, then click here.

Emma ♥♥