How I got my jobs

When I spoke a bit about my jobs the other week, a fair few of you DM’ed me to ask how I got them. There’s no magic formula or secret tool for success, but I thought I’d share my own journey in case it’s helpful. I think everyone’s route is quite unique but rest assured that there’s a way!

A bit about my jobs

First things first, what are my jobs? The “LinkedIn” name for my jobs is “Social Media Executive”. But basically I run the social media accounts for Moorish Dips (best smoked humous) and, more recently, Seeds of Revolution (seed crackers). Both positions are freelance, meaning I work from the comfort of my home (often in PJs). I’m especially grateful to be able to work from home given the current climate. I work on a part-time basis for both, and usually discuss my hours every month or so with my boss.

A word of warning

When I tell people what my jobs are, I often get “oh so you have the dream job then?”. The combination of working from home, specialising in social media marketing and content creation does sound pretty fun. And easy –  I mean everyone can create an Instagram post, right? Whilst that’s all true to a certain extent, remember that you have to create content on the daily. Posts, stories, captions, hashtags… this can be quite draining in terms of your creative energy. Plus, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes admin (influencer outreach, responding to messages & emails, scheduling/ planning etc) that is time consuming but not particularly rewarding all the time. Just things to bear in mind before you go off and apply!


Okay, so the way I got my job with Moorish was via a summer internship. They advertised on their Instagram that they were looking for a summer intern, so I messaged them for more information. I had to send in my CV and a cover letter, then did a mini phone interview before being told I had the spot. It was a part time, paid position that taught me a lot. After the 8 weeks, they offered me a permanent job but with less hours to accommodate my university commitments. Honestly, I am so grateful to have such flexible hours and can do more in the holidays/ less during exams etc, which is so handy. I literally do 5hrs/week when I’m at uni.


I’ve now worked with Moorish for just over a year, gaining confidence and skills along the way. One of my responsibilities with Moorish is to organise or take part in giveaways with other, similar brands. This is how I got my job with Seeds of Revolution. We hosted a giveaway together, and then Linn (my now-boss) reached out to me and asked if I wanted to help with her brand’s social media & marketing. So I know that’s not very helpful, but a lot of social media work comes through virtual connections and random acquaintances you’ll make in these realms. Once you’re in, it becomes easier.

My advice for you

I don’t want to sound patronising or anything, because at the end of the day I’m only an almost-20-year-old who, through a big stroke of luck, got a job in social media. But, what I can say is one of the main reasons I got my jobs with both Moorish and Seeds of Revolution was because of my Fruits and Routes page. That’s to say, having my own Instagram and blog was a concrete example of my creativity, ability to curate content and write stories – all of which are key skills in social media marketing. So if you have your own page, take pride in it and put it on your CV.

Also, follow brands you would love to work with on social media, as you might get lucky and get an internship advertised on their Instagram. You could even reach out to them via email or DM and ask if they do internships, for current or future reference. I also recommend getting LinkedIn if you don’t already and searching for jobs on there (there are lots).

Anyway, I hope that was useful and helps some of you in your search for a job in the social media industry. Stay happy and healthy,

Emma ♥♥