Interrail diary (Part 1)

You’ve probably noticed my inactivity on instagram over the past couple of weeks. But surprise! I’m back (sort of). The last 16 days have been hectic, incredible, unforgettable and – at times – tricky, but it wouldn’t have been a complete interrail experience without its ups and downs. I’ve decided to divide my “Interrail diary” into numerous parts since I have so much to share with you. I’ll schedule them throughout August so as not to overwhelm you with the same content, mixing it up with the odd recipe and lifestyle post. Anyway, enough of the mundane – onto the trip!


dat #1: Naples

My group and I (aka the fab five) took the 06:25am flight from Gatwick to Naples on the 15th of July. This gave us a full day in Naples, as we arrived in the city centre around 11am. I didn’t know what to expect with Naples, because I’d received a lot of mixed opinions when I told people we were going there. Needless to say, it was extremely hot (being southern Italy and all). We explored the city, visiting the Cathedral and the Duomo before having lunch at a Pizzeria called Insolito. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, so it was only fitting we all had a huge one to ourselves (pretty good value at €5).

aimless wandering in search of the “beach”

Unfortunately, from here on our first day went downhill. We wanted to visit the harbour and sit by the water with ice creams, but we never found said harbour. It turns out we were in the complete wrong area and instead found ourselves in the industrial zone. I also lost my brand new sunglasses somewhere here, so it’s fair to say I, along with the others, was feeling pretty demoralised. To top it all off, we managed to get stuck in a forbidden area and had to climb precariously around a pillar over the water to get back to safe grounds. Hot, sweaty and tired, the rest of the afternoon was spent in a cafe watching the world cup final (allez les bleus!), before we headed to our Air BnB.

stop #2: pompeii & vesuvius

pre-packed lunch in Pompeii

The trip was an exponential curve upwards (geeky A-level mathematician here!) from this point onwards though. The next day, we got up reasonably early to visit the ruins of Pompeii and hike up Vesuvius. Upon arriving at the train station in Pompeii, they tried to rip us off by charging us €20 EACH to get the bus to Mount Vesuvius. Sensing a scam, we decided to visit Pompeii first and then decide how to get to Vesuvius later. It was at this point where I finally reaped some rewards for being an August baby – since I was under 18, I got free entry into the ruins of Pompeii (and lots of other sites in Italy).

this was an ancient Roman pedestrian crossing of sorts

We spent an awe-inspiring 3 hours here, getting a tiny insight into the life of its ex-inhabitants by exploring their streets and crumbling houses. We also saw some preserved bodies in their dying moments before they were engulfed in the stream of lava. This was definitely the most thought-provoking aspect of the day for me!

time to climb

We found a shuttle bus to Vesuvius for €3 each which takes you relatively far up the mountain, leaving you a further 200m worth of altitude to hike. Although we found the €10 charge to hike it a bit of a rip off, we still went for it. Whilst we weren’t rewarded with stunning views over the bay of Naples, the rushing clouds created an incredibly eerie atmosphere which paired with the ghostly ambience of Pompeii. I had my first ice cream of the trip on our way back home, trying out (vegan) extra dark chocolate and forest fruit at “Golden Ice Gelateria Artiginale”. Definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area and flustered after a full day out!

near the top

happy with our ice creams

day #3: rome

A lot of people have asked me what my favourite destination was. Whilst it’s almost impossible to decide, I think it has to be Rome. Since I’d never visited this city before, every experience was new and exciting. Although we didn’t manage to fit everything in, we sure did cram a lot into our two days there. Despite being both mentally and physically exhausting, I wouldn’t change it and I’m not lying when I say that Rome will blow your mind (literally).

We took quite an early train to have a full two days in Rome. To start our adventures in the capital, we went to Ancient Rome and explored the Palatino, the Forum Romanum, the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum. Whilst all were imposing in their own separate ways, the Colosseum was, in my opinion, the most imposing of them all. I think we ended up walking about 15km on this day (this turned out to be our average daily mileage…), so naturally when we stumbled across a gelateria we got ice cream. They even had a fab selection of vegan flavours, so I went for watermelon, coconut and lemon. f you’re ever in Rome , hit up “Gelateria dell’Angelo” – you won’t be disappointed.

rome run

I also went for my first run of the trip in Rome. Although I never found the park I was looking for, it was incredible to run in a city with so much history. Running past the Colosseum definitely felt unreal! I didn’t measure how far I ran, but I think it was about 8.5km. I loved just getting out there with no distance or pace in mind and just enjoying it. It’s fair to say that we were all shattered after this day, and day 2 in Rome was just as packed.



I knew that I had lots to share with you, but I didn’t realise how much until I started writing my interrail diary. I’ve decided to stop here (about 1/5th of my trip!), since it’s already so long. I hope you found it at least slightly interesting! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for the next edition of my interrail diary.

Emma ♥♥

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    Absolutely loved reading the first part of your diary! Definitely sounds like it was quite an adventure, with getting into a forbidden zone and all 😀 Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

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