Interrail diary (part 4)

Make sure you read parts 1, 2 and 3 of my interrail diary series before checking this one out.

day #11: munich cont’d

Sorry for leaving you on a bit of a cliff-hanger last time! Despite the bedbug anxiety, we woke up bite-free. My two friends who slept on the wooden floor found it “surprisingly not too bad” (or so they say). Either way, we survived our first night in the hostel. We had an earlyish start as we were heading on a day trip to Neuchwanstein castle. This was one of the only things we actually booked in advance, so we had high hopes for it.

fairy tale castle

neuchwanstein what?

Okay, so I struggled to pronounce this but got there eventually with the help of my half German friend Hannah. It honestly looks like a castle from a disney fairy tale (I’m thinking Frozen). We’d booked our tour for 01:30pm, so we arrived early to check-in and walk the steep mile up to it. On the inside, it looked even more like a fairy tale chateau. The murals, furniture and architecture were all inspired by a composer who wrote the music for numerous traditional tales, although I’ve forgotten their name. Unfortunately, only a third of the castle was finished before King Ludwig II (who had it commissioned & lived there) died in suspicious circumstances. To this day, we’re still unsure whether it was suicide or murder. Personally, I’m leaning towards the belief that he was assassinated.

Anyway, moving on from my brief detective interlude. The tour was super interesting, but was surprisingly short for the price of the tickets. We paid €14.80, plus a €2 reservation fee, and it only lasted about 40 minutes or less. Since we’d expected to spend the day there, we went to the nearby bridge to take some castle selfies and admire the view.

biergarten experience

Back in Munich, we had our first German biergarten experience. I’m not a huge beer fan, so I didn’t get any but it was nice to soak up the atmosphere. Some creepy older men bought us each a rose though (sounds sweet but they were old enough to be our dads and were also drunk). Let’s just say we didn’t stay there too long! We went to a little place called “The Burrito Company” for dinner, which had a cool ordering system where you take a card, tick what you want and hand it in. The food was all super yum, generous and pretty good value too!

featuring our roses

day #12: to salzburg

We arrived in Salzburg around 1pm, so we had the afternoon to spend there. We did our usual on-foot exploration of the city, wandering through the gothic gardens of Schloss Mirabell and admiring the Salzburg “glockenspiel” aka clocktower. My favourite part of the day was definitely the Mozart Museum, which is hosted in his birthplace. Each room was dedicated to a different aspect of his life, from his parents to his own children. Whilst I’m not the most musical person out there, I found it really informative and engaging and got the most out of my ticket. Now I want to go see one of his operas – I have my eyes on “The Magical Flute”!

exploring the Schloss Mirabell

river run

Whilst the views weren’t quite as spectacular as those on my Munich lake run, I still enjoyed exploring a different part of Salzburg. I ran along the river past the Castle and then looped back on the other side. Since it was early evening, it was quite cool and quiet too which I appreciated. My only complaint was that the running paths suddenly stopped in random places and then I’d have to run in the cycle lanes. I got shouted at by an angry man “verboten” which means “forbidden”. Aka get outta my way. Oh well!

happy hour at the hostel

Unlike our hostel in Munich, the Yoho hostel in Salzburg had a lovely vibe about it. They even had a bar with a happy hour from 10-11pm, which we made the most of. We all tried a complimentary apple strudel shot – which by the way was amazing – and played cards whilst there. We didn’t stay too long though because we were all pretty tired (as per).

happy hour anyone?

day #13: salzburg cont’d

a refreshing aquatic surprise

In the morning, we went to Hellbrunn Palace which I highly recommend. It’s such good value for money and is also lots of fun! They have trick fountains which a tour guide shows to you and sneakily operates, so by the end of it everyone was a bit “damp”. It was so hot though that it was nice and refreshing. There was also a huge garden and a few different museums on sight, although we only had time to visit one. Then we got lunch back in Salzburg at a place called “My Indigo”, which is a bit like Wagamama’s but you customise your bowl and it’s much better value for money (and tastier in my opinion).  I got an African Peanut pot with veggies and spicy mango sauce.

impromptu hike

Our train to Prague was at 05:12pm, so we had a bit more time on our hands after a late lunch. We decided to climb up to a viewing point which gave us stunning views over the city. It turned into a bit of an impromptu hike after we spontaneously took a different path and found ourselves in some woods. It was lovely to feel immersed in nature after visiting so many cities! We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on the train to Prague, arriving at 11pm. A bit of a slog but it meant we avoided another night train…

I’m almost at the end of my interrail diary series, and I do hope you’ve enjoyed reliving my trip as much as I have! There’s going to be one final post, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram to find out when the next one is up. Especially if you want to hear more about the world’s best (vegan) ice cream. ‘Nuff said.

Emma ♥♥