Interrail diary (part 5)

Make sure to check out parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of my interrail diary series before reading this one. It’s the last one, I promise!

Day #14: Prague

Since we got to our flat quite late, we decided not to set alarms for the morning. Having said this, I naturally woke up around 09:30am. Whilst the rest of my friends (bar Nell) were fast asleep, I decided to go on an exploratory morning run in Prague. I was, as always, astonished by the city’s beauty. As it was my first time visiting the city, I saw everything with fresh eyes and was able to appreciate the sites as I stumbled across them.


About halfway through my run, I realised that the city was heaving with an abnormal amount of people, even for the summer. Considering it was only 10am, I was shocked by the pedestrian congestion. Then it dawned on me that there might be some sort of event going on. Some people started cheering me on and high-fiving me as I ran past, and I eventually heard on a loudspeaker that a triathlon medal ceremony had just taken place. I think the spectators assumed that I was just really far behind, and was still running whilst everyone else had finished.

museum afternoon

not the smallest for once!

We decided to visit a couple of museums that afternoon as we hadn’t been to a huge number so far. Although there was a huge range to choose from, we opted for the Illusion Museum followed by the Museum of Communism. At the illusion museum we learnt that covering one eye with your hand reduces your brain’s ability to detect 3D, so the optical illusions were enhanced. The same occurs when you look at illusions through your smartphone camera.

with my dear 😉

Whilst the entry fee to the Museum of Communism is pretty steep, I would say it was the most enriching experience of the trip in terms of its educational quality. I learnt an enormous amount and was shocked by how many atrocities were caused by something with such seemingly idealistic intentions. I’m by no means a historian, but I spent 3 hours in that museum reading every piece of information and it’s inspired me to do some more research into the subject.

I didn’t take any photos whilst in the MoC, so here’s another one from the IM

the best ice cream ever

the smile says it all (and the ice cream on my nose)

After I’d seen another blogger rave about the ice cream from Creme de la Creme (Prague), I had to take my friends there. It’s not an exclusively vegan gelateria, but they have a small selection of vegan flavours which all looked incredible. We spent three days in Prague, and most of us went there for ice cream everyday. I think that speaks for itself! Anyway, I went for the vegan dark chocolate and vegan salty peanut, and it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever had. We all know the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is special, but this. This took it to a whole new level. I could literally rave about this ice cream for hours but I don’t want to bore you (or give you too much food envy). But take my word for it, if you’re in Prague, you have to go.


day #15: Prague cont’d

After a night out clubbing in the “Biggest club in Central Europe” (6 storeys), we had another late start to the day. We decided to visit Prague Castle, which was a couple miles walk from our flat but definitely worth it. When buying your ticket, you can choose between two tickets which give you access to different buildings and exhibitions. We opted for ticket A, and managed to cram in almost everything included. St Vitus Cathedral was my favourite due to the gorgeous stained glass windows which had some of the most magical colour combinations ever.

ice cream cravings

I think we all needed a bit of a pick-me-up after our trek to and from Prague Castle. I know I did. What better treat than another Creme de la Creme ice cream? This time, I chose (both vegan, although I’m not strictly vegan in case you were wondering) passion fruit and salty pistachio. Both were amazing, however didn’t quite top the previous day’s combo. We all crashed pretty early that night, since we had plans to get a full day in Prague the next day.

day #16: Prague cont’d

Whilst we had the intention and inclination to get up reasonably early and go into Prague, life was against us. Somehow, through a series of unfortunate errors and assumptions, we managed to lock ourselves out of our flat. We only realised because Imy ran back up to get her water, at which point the key wouldn’t open the door. Long story short, we had two keys and had left one in the other side whilst we had the other one on us. Since the other key was also in, we couldn’t turn our one.

After a few minutes of panic and some plans of breaking the window or picking the lock, we decided to play it safe. We walked to (what we thought was) the nearest locksmith, a couple of miles away, and asked them to help us. In the end, it was a 30 second job and didn’t cost an extortionate amount. Of all the things that could’ve gone wrong, it wasn’t a disaster in the grand scheme of things.

last day

Since it was our last day in Prague, and mine and Imy’s last day interrailing, we decided to tick a few more things off. We split into a couple of groups, and 3 went on the pedalo whilst the rest of us climbed to the top of Petrin Hill for views of the city. Although it was beautiful up there, you had to pay a lot to go up the viewing tower which we didn’t realise. We didn’t quite get the panoramic views we were hoping for, but it was still worth it. We also visited the John Lennon wall, which is covered in art and graffiti spreading peaceful messages.

In the early evening, I went for my final run of the trip, adventuring into a new area of Prague. I managed to make it to the huge Park Letna, which was a very steep climb to get up there but rewarded me with the panoramic views of the city that I’d hoped for earlier. A lovely run to (almost) round off a lovely trip.

pub crawl

We decided to go out with a bit of a bang and try the “Drunken Monkey” pub crawl. It had really good reviews from friends so we hoped it would be a fun way to end our trip. En route to the first pub of the crawl, Nell and I went to Creme de la Creme for a final parting ice cream. I went for (vegan) peach & prosecco, which I absolutely loved, as well as the salty peanut. I just couldn’t resist revisiting food heaven!

and another ice cream!

During the pub crawl, we went to two pubs and a club. It was a great way of meeting other young people who were travelling, and I’d highly recommend it for a fun night out. It’s quite pricey though, so it’s not an every-night experience (at least not for us). Overall, I had an amazing last night which reflected on the trip as a whole. Seriously, the best 16 days of my life. Now I just want  to live them again!

love these girls

Thank you for reading my interrail diary series, and congratulations for getting through all of them! I loved reliving the memories, and I hope it’s enticed you to give interrailing a go. If you have any questions about it then please don’t hesitate to ask!

Emma ♥♥