Things I’m Loving Lately #1

Inspired by the lovely Ellen from TeenRunner, I decided to do a round-up style post of my recent favourites. The title is pretty self-explanatory really!

post-exam freedom

Right at the top of my list has to be the fact that I’ve finished my A-levels. No more waking up at 8am every morning to crack out 4 hours’ revision before lunch. No more feelings of guilt when I’m out and about. Last week was pretty hectic, and I had 3 parties plus my leavers’ ball. Lot’s of late nights, dancing, hanging out with friends and catching up after what feels like ages. Plus, I met up with my chums Alice and Immy ( aka @thekeanbeanrunningmachine) last Sunday for a long and sweaty run which was super fun! Now I don’t feel bad for lazing around doing nothing either 😂

pool party!

the weather

You probably knew this was coming. If you are from/ follow anyone from the UK, it’s all we’ve been talking about! If you’re from a sunny country then you might be wondering about all the fuss, but consecutive days of cloudless blue skies and golden sunshine are almost unheard of over here! I’ve been able to read outside and sunbathe a lot, as well as get some quality warm weather training in.

run on the downs with Immy and Alice

MiiRO ice cream

Due to the recent gorgeous sunshine, it feels only natural that ice cream should fall on my list of current favourites. MiiRO to be precise. You can read more about their healthier, magnum-style ice lollies here, but I couldn’t not include them in this post since I’ve been enjoying them a lot whilst basking in the sun.

my new house

Although the actual move was quite stressful, especially since it fell in the midst of my post-exam partying, I’m loving our new place. I haven’t really spoken much about it on my blog or Instagram, but I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly had the time! We only moved to Hove, a couple of miles away from our last house, but it’s much quieter and we even have a mini garden! As a result, I’ve been sleeping much better – this could be due to my exhaustion too though – and managed to get 10 hours sleep for the first time in ages a few nights ago.

pre-graduation ball photos in my new garden!)

six, brighton

Now that we’re living in Hove, we’re much closer to a slightly different end of Central Brighton. Whilst Churchill Square is a bit further than before, other restaurants which I’ve been dying to try out are now only a stone’s throw away. One of these is SIX. If you check out their menu, you’ll probably see why; they have a huge range of vegan, vegetarian and meat options so there’s something to satisfy everyone. We went here for dinner on our first night in the new house and I had the Warm Buddha Bowl which I highly recommend, although I have my eyes on the vegan burger with sweet potato fries for next time. Plus, my mum and I went there for Brunch after I had my last day of school, and their PERKY smoothie was basically like a heavenly coffee milkshake. Not sponsored or anything, just totally addicted.

smoothie plus sweet potato hash browns with mashed avo

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and it’s definitely going to become part of a series. What have you been loving lately? I’d love to know!

Emma ♥♥