My Freshers Experience (part 1)

Although Freshers for me was now a couple of weeks ago, the memories are still fresh in my mind. And yes, before you ask, that pun was a) intentional and b) necessary 😜 Anyway, as you can imagine the past fortnight has been hectic, with all the events that make up freshers as well as the start of Uni studies. Hence why this post is only coming now. If anything, though, it’s given me more time to reflect upon the ordeal. I hope you enjoy hearing all about it!

Moving in

On Saturday the 8th September I officially moved in to my uni accommodation. I was extremely lucky to get my top choice, so am staying in Salisbury Court which is a super modern, self-catered building. I’m in a flat of 10, split evenly between boys and girls which is lovely. Obviously O was nervous when we arrived, in case my flatmates didn’t seem friendly/ kind, but thankfully most of us got on straight away and have formed a little “squad” 😉. I spent the afternoon unpacking my stuff with my parents, before we said our goodbyes. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed any tears! It’s such a huge step moving away from home, and it’s perfectly normal to cry/ miss home/ friends/ family etc.

saturday social

I’m sure you’re all aware that freshers in the UK basically involves a lot of socialising and partying – so it was only natural that we went out as a flat on our first night together. After chatting and having a few drinks in our kitchen, we headed out for our first “night out”, which was a lot of fun (at least to start with). The music for the first few hours was fab, the vibe was amazing and it was fun just to dance and meet new people. After a while, the music changed theme though and it started dying out so we left before it got bad. Day/ night number 1 successfully navigated!

Some of my flatmates aka my new family 💖

sunday runday

Despite the previous night’s fun, I still managed to get up for a SLR (slow long run) on Sunday. I’d organised to go for it with Megan, a girl who I’d met once at a party before coming to Edinburgh, and it was so nice to have company on my first run. We explored parts of Holyrood park and ran up Salisbury Crags, all the while admiring the stunning views. By the end of it, I’d covered 14.5km and the equivalent of 100 flights of stairs – it’s fair to say there’s a lot more elevation up in Edi than down in Brighton 😂 I spent the remainder of the day with my bestie Hannah (from my old school), and then my flat had a night in in preparation of the hectic week ahead of us.

Me & Megan

proof we actually ran!

Freebie fun

On Monday, after a compulsory talk by my subject school, I went to the “Shrub free shop”, aka the BEST. THING. EVER. I kid you not, this is no exaggeration! And the name does not mislead you either. Whilst I did queue for 1.5 hours, it was so worth it. Shrub is a co-operative that aims to tackle all forms of waste, and this event was hosted in collaboration with the Uni to recycle clothes/ cutlery/ crockery/ stationery and more left behind by last year’s students.

I went in with low expectations and a few empty tote bags, and came out with: a plate (the one necessity), multi-coloured shot glasses, an Urban Outfitters pink, fluffy teddy hoodie, a few jumpers (Edi essentials), plus a skirt and a fleece. Happiness levels were high at this point! I also bagged myself some freebies at the expo, including a set of IKEA tupperware, some tote bags and a keepcup!


Okay, so you’re probably wondering what on earth a massaoke is. Before coming to Edi, I’d never heard of one either so fear not! It’s basically just karaoke en mass, and is sooo much fun! The band played some cracking songs, the lyrics were up behind them and we all unanimously sang along. The atmosphere was incredible, and it was probably one of my favourite nights of Freshers!

don’t ask what I’m doing here, I have even less of a clue than you

Vegan tour of the city & gym trip

On Tuesday morning, I went on the vegan tour of Edinburgh run by the Animal Rights society. Whilst it was amazing that so many people turned up, it made it very difficult to collectively go into shops/ cafés/ restaurants. I met a few lovely girls who I went for lunch with afterwards at one of the spots that was pointed out to us on the route.

who said students can’t eat healthily?

Later that afternoon, I met up again with Megan for a cheeky trip to the gym. Now, in my opinion the membership is excellent value for money (£120 for the year, including full gym/ exercise class/ pool access), especially considering how huge the gym is! There are so many rooms with different purposes & equipment that we actually got lost trying to find a specific room. 2 weeks later, I’m finally starting to find my way around. Megan has also now become my Friday afternoon baking buddy, so expect to see some of our creations soon 😉 I also went to the UV party that evening which was another good’un.

sports & activities fair

On Wednesday, I went to the sports & activities fair to find out more about the various clubs and societies on offer. I beelined for the XC club’s table, where I found out more about their training schedule and events. I’m now officially a member of the Hare & Hounds (aka Haries), and have already trained with them a few times (and loved it!). I also signed up for the Hummus society (yes, it’s a thing!), the Veggie & vegan society (they host weekly potlucks) 😋 , the literature society and the sustainability one. Lot’s to do but sadly not enough days in a week…

my “lidl” disaster

It wasn’t actually little, but pretty big – I managed to lose my purse whilst shopping in lidl on the Wednesday afternoon. It was definitely my low point of freshers. With it went my cards, cash, ID and University card. I spent the rest of the afternoon cancelling my cards, calling my parents and crying with Hannah (who kindly came over and sacrificed her evening comforting me). On the bright side though, as pointed out helpfully by a flatmate, I didn’t get hit by a bus (touch wood). Silver linings and all that…

Now, I appreciate that this “summary” of my freshers experience is turning into a full-blown diary, so I’ve decided to leave it there for now. I’ll share the rest very soon in part 2 of my fresher’s experience, so keep your eyes peeled! I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I had reminiscing it 😊 Any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a DM.

Emma ♥♥