My Freshers Experience (part 2)

Don’t forget to check out part 1 of my freshers experience before reading this one.

arthur’s seat run

happy to be at the top!

After Wednesday’s purse fiasco, I was really craving a run to clear my mind and get some fresh air. What better way than running up my local small mountain? I did, admittedly, stop about 4 times on my way up because my calves and quads were burning, but I made it all the same. I’ve set myself the target to run all the way up without stopping by the end of the academic year. We’ll see how that goes! Anyway, despite the extreme force of the wind at the summit, I still managed to appreciate the panoramic views of the area. It made me feel incredibly grateful to  simultaneously live in a bustling city and be a stone’s throw from some of the UK’s most gorgeous landscapes.

local small mountain

pub crawl & party

That evening, I’d planned to go on the Literature Society’s “whodunnit” themed pub crawl, because who doesn’t love a bit of detective action? It started off well, meeting some new faces and forming a team before being given the clue to get to the first pub. However, we got ID checked on arrival, and since I’d lost mine the day before I couldn’t enter *sigh*. Don’t worry though, the friends who I’d gone to the crawl with came back to my accommodation where we joined a flat party. Personally, I think flat parties were a much easier way of meeting and making new friends, as the music isn’t quite so loud as in a club (and people are generally more sober 😉).

first challenge of the pub crawl: fit 5 people in a phone box

haries hangover run

You’re probably thinking “hangover” and “run” don’t belong in the same sentence, but bear with me on this one. I was sceptical too at first! However the fresh air, friendly faces and fun chats were a fab antidote to the slightly fuzzy feeling that became all too familiar throughout freshers… It was super slow and not far at all, but a great way of meeting some of the team before proper training started the following week. I also got to meet some fellow first year runners who I’ve made good friends with!

yoga & food fest

After the run, I dashed off to a free 1-hour yoga taster session (vinyasa), which was the perfect way to further destress and relax. I was one of the only people there without a mat (or even a towel as a substitute), but in the end it was fine. I only got a few bruises from the floor 😅 Anyway, afterwards I headed to the streetfood pop-up festival hosted at the Uni, where I bought some Tanzanian food for lunch. After some indecisiveness, I chose the peanut butter curried greens, with flaky chapati – my new addiction! Thankfully my flatmate Yas is a chapati queen so I’ve been having weekly chapati nights. I also splashed out and bought one of their homemade banana-chilli sauces, which is DIVINE.

my meal inspired by the Tanzanian feast

language cafe

On Saturday afternoon, after doing my first batch of laundry (now officially an adult!), I went to the Uni’s “tandem language cafe”. It’s hosted – surprise surprise – in one of the Uni’s cafes, and each table has a designated language. I decided to go to the French table so I could practice my français , and had the loveliest time. I met a 2nd year called Lucy who is studying French and English literature, who later sold me the core 1st year English texts at a bargain price #winning. Anyway, I now go on a weekly basis because it’s such a great way to improve a language whilst meeting new people. A win-win if you ask me!

welcome ball

Ironically, the freshers welcome ball came at the end of the week. Although the tickets were a whopping £20, I decided to go for it and am definitely glad I did. However, the event was supposed to finish at 3am, but lot’s of the events on within the Ball packed up around 1am (including the casino and the ceilidh, of which I got to try neither 😔).

pre-photo booth fun

Instead, I’d spent the majority of my time in the headphone disco with some gal pals, where there was also a free photo booth which we definitely took advantage of! If you’ve never been to a headphone disco (aka silent disco), it’s pretty much what you’d assume it to be. Everyone wears headphones provided by the event, which usually have 2 different radio stations. You get to choose which you listen to and can switch whenever (i.e. if you don’t know or like the current song). It’s so funny to take off your headphones and listen to everyone jamming away without the background music too 😂

ending on a high

Both literally and figuratively. You might have seen on my Instagram from a couple weeks’ ago that I climbed Arthur’s seat at 2am (after the Ball). Whilst Molly was semi-joking when she suggested it, we actually went through with it. Since the Ball had finished early, we wanted to end freshers with something unforgettable – and what better way than with a spontaneous climb?! Don’t worry, we did put some extra layers on and changed out of our heels. We wanted to make memories, not a death wish! Despite our “freshers fatigue”, we made it to the top. During the day it’s usually packed up there, so to have the summit to ourselves was something pretty special. If you want to avoid the crowds, it seems like 3am is the time to go!

repping my headtorch


One thing people warned me about in freshers was the pressure to drink and go out every night. I think I was extremely lucky in that respect, because I didn’t feel obliged to go out all the time. Admittedly I did go out every night except Sunday & Wednesday (read why in my previous post), but this was because I wanted to. Not because I felt like I had to – some of my flatmates took breaks whenever they needed them, and that’s totally fine. Freshers is hectic, overwhelming and exhausting, so taking time out for yourself is essential to “surviving” it. It also goes by so quickly, so if you’re currently in/ about to embark on freshers week, then please take the time to pause and appreciate all the new people/ places/ opportunities out there.

As always, I hope you found this post insightful and enjoyed reading it! If you want to know anything more, just DM me 💖 Now that I’ve officially started Uni, you can expect to see some budget-friendly, speedy student meals coming soon on my blog.

Emma ♥♥