recent favourites

Since being back at uni, I’ve been loving a few new things which I thought I’d share with you all. Writing these round-up style posts is as much for me as for you. It allows me to practise gratitude for everything I have right now. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Blackford hill

How have I been in Edinburgh for 2 years and never been up Blackford hill? Granted, it used to be a bit of a trek for me – but it’s now right around the corner. Stunning scenery only 10 minutes away (5 minutes if you run)? Yes please! Next on my list is to see the sunset from there, which I’m hoping to do in the coming days. Fellow edi students, it’s a must. It’s also great for running, as it’s not too long or steep but a nice change of terrain.


Or should I say ReadyBrek? Either way, my morning bowl of oats has been a lifesaver over the past couple of weeks. These colder mornings are making me crave something cosy to start the day. Plus, it’s so quick to  whip up, especially since we have a microwave in our flat this year. Speaking of porridge, I have to mention Brochan, Edinburgh’s resident porridge cafe. It’s now super close to me, which is both fantastic and dangerous. Brochanitis is BACK.

Lo-fi beats

If you know, you know. I’m loving listening to any lo-fi playlist on Spotify at the moment. They’re the perfect balance of calm/ beat/ tune, helping me to focus while working but also to relax. If you’ve never heard of lo-fi beats, then get on it. And thank me later.


I may not be *as addicted* to buying plants as some of my other friends, but I’m slowly building up my plant family. I’m now a plant mum of 4: Chloe the cactus, Milly the Roseopicta Calathea, and Fred & George, my spider twins. They just make any room instantly seem more homely and sophisticated in my eyes.


Don’t roll your eyes at me. Now that I’ve started my translation internship (remotely), I finally feel like I’ve got a routine in place again. And I’m a sucker for routine. Getting up at the same time everyday, ready to work at my desk from 9am, learning new skills daily… it’s been great. At times, yes, the work has been tedious or tough, but I guess that’s all part of the job. And to be honest, I’m just grateful to have something to work on.

breakfast al desko

Running with friends

Before coming back to Edinburgh, I hadn’t run with friends since February. I’d forgotten how great it is to run with others and explore new locations. Contrary to popular belief, running IS  a social sport. Lockdown made me forget this, but I’m so glad to be back and able to run with others. Hopefully I’ll be joining in with the group sessions soon too!


More of a random observation, but I’ve really enjoyed being spontaneous recently. Walks to Blackford hill, trips to bookstores, midnight visits to Greyfriar’s Kirkyard to find Tom Riddle’s grave (not even joking lol)… as much as I love routine, spontaneity is great too.

spontaneous walk up blackford 🙂

Flat movies

Finally, I’ve loved watching films or TV shows as a flat. It’s not something I did that often last year so I’m finding it really refreshing 🙂

I hope you’ve found this interesting, and until next time.

Emma ♥♥