reflecting on 2020

2020. The year that completely broke us. COVID-19, Brexit, loneliness, lockdown… it’s been a trying year. But it’s also been one of my best years in terms of personal growth. So, naturally, I wanted to commemorate that and reflect on the highs of 2020. There’s waaay too much negative news at the moment (for good reason), so I’m trying to focus on positives to counteract it. Come join me 🙂


First of all, one of the things that I’m proudest of is healing my relationship with sport. Since having an eating disorder that was triggered by exercise addiction back in 2013, I don’t think I ever truly healed my relationship with it. I had better and worse phases, but I always depended on it. Well, over lockdown I finally took the plunge and completely (and I mean completely) stopped sport. No running, spinning, swimming, gyming…

unrelated but… murder mystery!

And I’m so glad I did. It’s allowed me to approach my sport in a much more detached, less emotionally invested way. I am now, objectively, able to see what I enjoy and draw the line between passion and obsession. It may not have stopped me getting injured (cry) but hopefully it will prevent it in the future.


Moving on from exercise, I also healed my relationship with food. I’m not actually sure which of the two I’m most proud of, but they go hand in hand (and it’s not a competition or anything). This, coupled with the above, has allowed me to…

Regain my periods

Yes! I finally did it. It’s been such a long process, and there were times I seriously considered giving up. But now I can happily say that I have my periods regularly – if a *little* erratically (3 in the space of 6 weeks, who?). Anyway, I now at last feel like I’m through to the other side. I know what my body wants and needs, and I know how to honour that. It’s been a year of self-care and self-knowledge, and I am so thankful for that.

Publishing an ebook

In light of all the self-growth I achieved this year, I published an e-book documenting all my struggles and my mission (now achieved) to overcome them. It’s called “When passion becomes obsession” and you can buy it here. It’s only £5 and in buying and reading it, you’ll not only (hopefully) help yourself, but also support me.

Securing an internship in spain

So, due to obvious reasons, I’m not currently in Spain. The university has approved my travel in January, however this new COVID strain in the UK is going to make it very difficult for me to go. Lets all pray for me pls (I know there’s a bigger picture but still). However, I did secure an internship with a translation agency in Madrid and have been completing it remotely since September. There were points at which I wanted to stop, but I kept at it (and am still at it), so I’m proud of myself for not opting for the easy way out. I’m not receiving any credits for it from the university, nor is it paid, so I really am doing it for myself.

Putting myself out there

I wasn’t sure whether to put this one in,  but I decided why the hell not. I’ve always been pretty shy around guys and never put myself out there in the whole dating scene. And because of COVID, it has been pretty hard this semester. However, I still managed to put myself out there, and whilst it didn’t *necessarily* pay off, it made me more confident in the whole area. And I also feel like I have better self-knowledge because of it.

Right, so I could probably ramble on for ages longer, but I don’t want this to be me tooting my horn for thousands of words. Lets stop it there while I’ve still got your attention 😉

Emma ♥♥