Review: The Beauty of Eating Well

I was kindly gifted Camille Knowles’ (@thebeautyofeczema & @camilleknowles) new cookbook – The Beauty of Eating Well – and have decided to write a little review of it. Lots of you replied to my stories asking what I thought of it, so here are the in-and-outs of the book. All opinions are honest and not influenced by the fact that the book was gifted to me.

Front Cover

For me, aesthetics are important. Obviously they’re not the be all and end all of a book (“don’t judge a book by its cover” and all that jazz), but nonetheless a pretty cover does influence a book’s overall feel. And Camille’s book really ticks the “aesthetically pleasing” box. It’s bright and fresh, with a lovely pastel pink-and-blue colour scheme.


The contents page lays out and divides the book into clear categories that are easy to follow. The recipes are divided into: Drinks, Juices, Smoothies, Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Food for Sharing. There’s also a section on Edible Flowers, her “HOPE” principles, Stress Management and a Glowing Skin Weekly Meal Plan. Packed to the brim with good content, it’s got something for everyone.

The Recipes

All the recipes are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free and refined-sugar free, but are full of colour, flavour and passion 🌈. As someone who has had issues with orthorexia in the past, I personally don’t cut out gluten or refined sugar, although these recipes can easily be adapted and I don’t mind experimenting with them. There’s a huge range of plant-based goodness in the book, plus the occasional meat/ fish based recipe – so if you are transitioning to a more plant-based diet, this could be perfect for you. The instructions are easy to follow, and most don’t require obscure or expensive ingredients, making it accessible and approachable.

Chocolate Monkey bowl!
My favourites

So far, I have made the Chocolate Monkey smoothie bowl, the Avocado on Rice Cakes and the Baked Black Beans. All have been easy and delicious, and I can’t wait to try more. I’m especially excited to try: Vegan Nachos, Caramel Shortbread and Pad Thai (which I will veganise!). All in all, lots to try and look forward to, plus some oldies to revamp and add Camille’s spin to!

In Conclusion

Overall, I’m a big fan of this book. It’s bright, refreshing and creative. I love how she approaches achieving glowing skin through eating “from a place of joy”. Although there are restrictions (gluten-free etc) within the book, it doesn’t feel restrictive which I really appreciate because I know firsthand how toxic some of these books can be! If you do have skin issues, being more conscious of your diet could help so it’s worth checking this book out. Plus, since Christmas is coming up, it could be a perfect inexpensive gift. It can be bought from Amazon as an e-book, paperback or hardback. (Link isn’t affiliate).

As always, I hope you’ve found this post interesting. It’s slightly different from usual but I thought it would be good to mix things up. Happy Sunday!

Emma ♥♥