Second Year Intentions

As you’re probably aware by now, I’m a big fan of intention-setting. Since I am now back in Edinburgh after my ridiculously long summer, I thought it was a good time to set myself some intentions for this academic year. It’ll be fun to look back on them in May and see how many of them I managed to fulfil!

Yoga Society

First up, I intend to join the University’s Yoga Society. Since getting into yoga (thanks to Yoga with Adriene), I’ve wanted to do a few classes and meet some other casual yogis. What better way than by joining the Yoga Society? I do love the comfort of doing yoga from my room, but sometimes having the guidance of an instructor is much needed. Plus, I love meeting new people and this should be a great way!

Day Trip to Glasgow (& elsewhere)

Something that I regret not doing last year is going on day/ weekend trips to other places in Scotland. It’s a beautiful country and I really want to explore it more this year! Hopefully I can get some friends on board with me, but if not, I’m a big fan of solo trips too 😉

Fell race

Another regret from last year is not being able to follow through with my plans of completing my first fell (or hill) race. I’d signed up and bought my ticket, but then got injured and so was unable to race. But this time, I definitely want it to happen. You can’t run in Scotland and not compete in a fell race!

Group SLR

I usually do my Sunday long runs (SLR) solo, but this year I want to make them more fun and do them with others. Of course, sometimes I’ll still go alone as I do love the headspace it gives me, but equally I love being with other people – and what better bonding time than on a SLR? I always seem to have the best conversations whilst running (in spite of the heavy breathing).

Reeling & Ceilidhs

For those of you that don’t know what (Scottish) reeling is, it’s basically the different dances that are done at ceilidhs (although I’m not Scottish so I could be wrong). There are over 11,000 different Scottish reels – how crazy is that? I’ve only been to a handful of ceilidhs, but they are SO MUCH FUN. It’s also hilarious how amazing all the scots are and how awful the rest of us are (especially me). The reeling society has weekly sessions and, apparently, they’re good fun & a great way to up your ceilidh game.

Movie nights

Yes, you heard me – I want to do more movie nights. Now that I’m living with two of my besties, this will definitely be happening more. As winter approaches, one of the few things I’m excited for are cosy blanket nights and movie sessions.

little lolla throwback
Host a Christmas Dinner

Something that I think would be lots of fun is hosting a Christmas Dinner in my flat with our close friendship group. Obviously, I’d need to run this by my flatmates first, but hopefully they’ll be up for it. Plus, then I could showcase some plantbased goodness and highlight that a meat-free Christmas isn’t a sad affair at all.

Vegan Festival

Last year, I’d intended to go to one of the many vegan festivals that take place in Edinburgh, but each time was unable to due to races. This year, I really want to make an effort and attend one, because it will be a great chance to discover some new (local) vegan products and connect with likeminded brands & individuals. There’s one on the 20th of October, and another on the 10th of November – so between the two I should be ok!

Year Abroad

In terms of academics, I need to work hard to ensure I get one of my top choices for my year abroad next year. We start having talks about this pretty soon, so it’s both exciting and a bit daunting too. I also need to start looking into my options for next year pretty early on so I can maximise my chances of doing something that I’ll love.

Anyway, I hope that’s given you a bit of an insight into what I plan to do with my second year. For those of you starting first year, good luck! Make the most of all the new opportunities thrown your way, try not to stress and just enjoy it to the max.

Emma ♥♥