Semester 1 Summary (Year 2)

The time has now come for me to go home for the Christmas Holidays (well, technically the time came on Wednesday…). I know I’ve said this repeatedly, but this semester has flown by. I honestly cannot believe that three months in Edinburgh have gone by. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to summarise my semester since so much has happened in such a short space of time. I’ll try to do it chronologically, but it’s all a bit of a blur if I’m honest!


I went to the pentlands for the first (and hopefully not the last) time at the beginning of the semester. Abi and Pippa were my fab guides/ running companions and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had planned to go again, but unfortunately, between socials/ assignments/ injury, I wasn’t able to. The DOMS did last 5 days though – my legs clearly aren’t used to hills 😉.

1920s party

Back in August I turned 19, and my flatmate/ bestie turned 20 in September. Naturally, we decided to host a 1920s themed flat party (although outfits were questionably 1920s). It was lots of fun to have everyone round, along with some new faces to start the new academic year on a high.

New training group

The new Hare & Hounds captain (Lydia 😘) organised a new training group with Costorphine for girls that sit somewhere between recreational and intense runners. It is honestly perfect, and I loved having people to run with, push and motivate me. Although due to injury I haven’t been for over 6 weeks 😢.

East League

My first – and only – race of the semester. I already wrote a blog post about it, but I thought I’d mention it as it was a big high. I came 2nd female overall and really enjoyed it, especially as it made me realise my summer’s training had paid off. Looking back, it is slightly bittersweet, since I found out about my stress fracture two days later. If I’d known it would be the penultimate time I ran in a while, I think I’d have cherished it more… hindsight is a blessing and a curse!

me and @teenrunnerblog xx

When I was told I had a partially healed stress fracture on my second metatarsal (see this post for more info), I honestly couldn’t believe it. However, it is what it is. At first I thought I’d be back pretty quickly, but after a few test jogs it flared up again so I have taken another 3 weeks off. I’m planning on giving myself another couple of weeks to be safe, and have got a DEXA on the 12th of December too. Fingers crossed! It hasn’t been too bad though, as I’ve been able to wattbike with Ella and get some solid swim sessions in.


A bit of a different (weird?) one, but I got some sourdough starter off someone and have been experimenting with making my own sourdough goods. So far, I’ve made two wholemeal and rye sourdough boules and two sets of pizzas. I’ve got a way to go before I perfect it, but it’s been fun (and cheap!) to make my own bread.

Family visit

My parents kindly came to visit me between the 30th October and the 3rd of November. Coincidentally, my brother and his girlfriend also came that weekend. It was a lovely few days of good food and company, although I managed to get food poisoning and was fairly sick for one of those days. Oh, and I won the game of monopoly we played… 😜


The weekend of the 16th of November saw the annual Braids event (highlight of the semester?!). Unfortunately I couldn’t compete in the 10km hill race, but I supported those running with Alex and helped at the bake sale. It’s fair to say a lot of delicious cake was consumed! There was then the haggis, neeps and tatties (vegan option!), the ceilidh (exhausting but so fun) and the boat racing. Finally, we went to Bourbon for a night of dancing. Alex and I also hosted 15 girls from Liverpool, which was an interesting experience…

Botnic Gardens at Night

Every year, the botanic gardens are decorated with an array of gorgeous lights for their Christmas event. Tickets are expensive at £17 each, however I really regretted not going last year. I went with three gal pals on the 23rd November and honestly loved it. It got us in the Christmas spirit (fairly early) and was all-in-all such a wholesome evening. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, you have to try it!

End of Term

To be honest, it feels like I’ve already been on holiday for two weeks because of the strikes, which meant that I had no classes in the last week of term. Since my courses don’t have exams, I completed my essay due on the 24th of January (yes, I’m #keen) so that I have nothing to do over the holidays. Having said that, it feels so weird not having to study or complete any deadlines. I’ll definitely enjoy the break though!

Christmas Dinner

Finally, I had two Christmas dinners last week. One with the Haries, which was at a pub, and a homemade one with my friendship group. We all made a few dishes for the latter (I made spiced red cabbage, mulled wine and vegan yorkshire puddings) – including desserts, which were all vegan – and feasted on the amazing array. Finally, we handed out secret santa gifts and watched a movie. It’s got me super excited for the real deal now!

And that brings me to the end of semester 1! I’m already missing my uni family, but am happy to be home and spend time with my family and pets. To those still in Edi with exams – good luck! Love you all.

Emma ♥♥