sunday catch-up ☕

Hello everyone! Apologies for not posting for a few weeks now. I’ve been incredibly busy enjoying life back at uni with all my friends. In this post I just wanted to update you all on what I’ve been up to recently, as well as what the next few weeks (should) hold for me.

The Highlands

First things first, let’s talk about the highlands. On Sunday the 6th September, I drove up to Scotland with my parents. We dumped all my stuff in my new flat in Ediburgh before heading to our first stop: Glencoe. For two nights we stayed at a beautiful hotel there, spending the day hiking up a Munro and visiting local areas. We then moved onto Inverness, where we also stayed two nights and I hiked a Munro solo. Finally, we headed back down towards Edinburgh, staying over in Pitlochry for a night to break up the journey.

It was a beautiful 5 or so days that I got to enjoy with my parents. In a way, it was the best send-off possible, as we combined the trip north with a little staycation. Since we were so busy, I didn’t have the chance to feel anxious or apprehensive about returning to university, an added bonus.

“freshers” week…

Of sorts. This past week, I have caught up with most of my friends – many of which I hadn’t seen for 6 months. I ran in the Pentlands with Alex (her birthday “treat” from me), got a new piercing (my seventh), strolled around the meadows, ate out, had cocktails, enjoyed the sunshine, went for coffee… it’s been a busy one. But a lovely, lovely one. I think it’s set me up perfectly for the coming weeks, and I feel settled and content.


This week – for the first time in 7 months ! ! ! – I went running with friends. It was wonderful. I’d forgotten how nice it was to catch up over a run. I’m hoping that things are finally falling into place for me. In the next few weeks, I’ll be building up my mileage sensibly so that I’m ready to train with a group again. Fingers crossed for no injury…


This coming week, I’m *meant* to start my Spanish translation internship remotely. It’s all a but up in the air at the moment and I’m not entirely sure what it will be like. Or if it will actually happen. But I’m trying not to overthink everything and just see where that takes me. If I do start it, I’ll be pretty busy, as it’s 25 hours a week, plus I’m still doing 14 hours a week of freelance work for other companies. I may have to reassess my hours for next month 😂

on a more personal note…

During my first two years at university, I fell into bad habits in terms of training and eating. I’m now in a much better place (physically and mentally), and I’m really working on keeping it that way. Last week I occasionally found myself slipping into an old habit, or being so busy I’d forget something important for my health and wellbeing. So from now on, I’ll be making an extra conscious effort to not let any of that happen.

To anyone out there who is feeling anxious, homesick, lonely, overwhelmed, stressed… know that it will pass. It always does. Tend to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. If you focus on that, everything else should fall into place.

Lots of love,

Emma ♥♥