sustainable summer saviours

Hot girl summer is finally upon us which has resulted in lots of manic panic buying to battle the heat. I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to be a bit more sustainable this summer, from clothes to swimwear and everything else!

Assess your wardrobe

First things first – before buying anything and everything online/ in-store – assess your wardrobe to see what you already have. After all, you might not need another bikini if you already have 4 pairs in good condition. It’s also a great opportunity to have a little clear out of things that no longer fit you/ your style. Try selling them on Depop/ Vinted or donating to charity shops 🙂 Then, once you have a clearer picture of what you already have, you can make a list of what you don’t and might need to get (hat? shorts? etc)

try second hand

I probably sound like a broken record at this point but, if possible, try buying second hand. My favourite platform for this at the moment is Vinted. Since I grew out of most of my shorts and skirts last summer, I got myself a couple of skirts (new condition, £5 each) and some Levi’s shorts (new, £15) on there. It’s cheaper and better for the planet, so it’s a win-win. And, honestly, you can find virtually everything on Vinted (or Depop). All it takes is knowing what you want, searching for it with filters, ordering by price low to high, and voila!

invest in what you do need

Rather than buying a £1 bikini or something super cheap from a fast fashion outlet, I would really recommend investing in the things you can’t get second hand so that they last you a while. Obviously it’s tempting and easy to opt for the cheapest items, but these don’t usually last and you end up throwing them out pretty promptly. To avoid being in the same situation next year (where you’re in need of the same items), invest in quality pieces that are made well using responsibly sourced materials. It might be a bit more expensive but it should last you a lot longer and, in the end, be better value for money.

get a reusable water bottle!

The amount of money and plastic wasted on single-use water bottles over summer is crazy. Obviously there are times when you find yourself without your trusty bottle and just need to buy some water, but for the most part, it can be avoided. I’ve had my Chilly’s bottle for a good 4 years now and it’s still serving me well. Probably one of the best birthday presents I ever received. Plus, the advantage of those insulated bottles is the water doesn’t get all warm and gross due to the heat – but stays nice and fresh. You’ll never catch me without it in the summer.

tote bags are toteally awesome

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cheesy pun. But yes, tote bags are great. Whether you’re staying at home, going on a staycation or venturing abroad, they take up literally no space or weight and are a fab way to carry things. I love taking mine to the beach in Brighton, or on day trips. I always try to fold one up and bring it with me just in case – so I don’t need to get a plastic one when I unexpectedly get something.

film camera

This is a bit of a rogue one but bear with me. Disposable cameras are a bit of a summer staple nowadays – but, at the end of the day, they’re thrown away once developed. I recently invested (£30) in a second hand film camera and I’m so happy with it! After developing three rolls of film it will be more cost effective too, which is a plus. The quality of the photos is also better and you get less blanks when you take the roll to be developed. So if you’re a disposable camera addict, I highly recommend looking for a film camera on Depop or Ebay 🙂

all these photos are from my first roll 🙂

Right, so I think that’s it for this week! I hope it was vaguely useful and I’ll catch you next Sunday with another post.

P.S. This is in no means designed to make anyone feel guilty or anything, I just wanted to share some tips to be more sustainable. Every little helps!

Emma ♥♥