Festive Food Guilt

Now that December is well under way, I thought I'd write a post about food guilt in the festive season. Why? Because all too often we are bombarded by photos and captions on social media urging us to "burn off those Christmas calories" and other crap along those lines. In the past, I would've taken … Continue reading Festive Food Guilt

The Festive Flip Side

There's no doubt that Christmas brings a whole lot of joy to the majority who celebrate it. A holiday that focuses on food, friends, family and giving, what's not to love? Nevertheless, as implied in the title of this post, there definitely is a flip side to all the festivities. I'm mainly going to focus on the mental health and eating aspect of this, but will also mention a few other ideas, and in doing so hope to make us all more aware of the potential anxieties which Christmas provokes for some. meet-up with my gals "The most wonderful time of the year..." I'm sure that most of you have been listening to Christmas music nonstop for the past week. I know I have. Something that they all have in common is talk of friends and/or family, food, gifts and, most importantly, the "Christmas spirit" in … Continue reading The Festive Flip Side