My wake-up call

Since my training sessions, race performances and energy levels began to plummet at the beginning of January, I knew at the back of my mind that something had to change. I felt unmotivated, constantly exhausted and demoralised as I slowly but surely started falling behind teammates.  Inspired by others' stories, I want to talk about my (ongoing) experience with RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport), how I accepted it and finally decided enough was enough. Before getting into this post, I want to highlight a few things though; I'm not a qualified professional, I'm still struggling with this, I am not a "success story" to live by. I just want to open up and hopefully … Continue reading My wake-up call

Race Round-Up

With a fair few XC races under my belt, I thought it was about time I did a little round-up. I've not included all of them because this post would be far too long, but the major ones are here. I hope it helps give you a little more insight into how I've been spending … Continue reading Race Round-Up