Things I’m Loving Lately #2 (Uni Edition)

Now that I’ve spent a good couple of months at uni, I thought it might ne fun to spotlight my favourites up here. I enjoyed writing my last “favourites” post so much, plus it’s a fab way of appreciating and being grateful for everything I’ve experienced do far. Enough of that, though, and onto the post. 
New running realms
Obviously by moving up to & living in a new city, I’ve been discovering a variety of different places – both on the running scene and in general. I’ve loved having Arthur’s seat, Holyrood park and the Meadows right on my doorstep, along with Portobello beach, Braids hills and Craigmillar castle estate only a short jog away. Whilst I have found my go-to long run route, I want to vary it more as I find myself (ever the creature of habit) doing it every Sunday. A few places I have yet to explore are the Pentlands, Blackford hill and the full length of the Leith river.

photo from yesterday’s race in Aberdeen © Dan Smith Photography

love a good market, and since being in Edinburgh I’ve managed to discover a few with my friends. We ventured out to Stockbridge market (every Sunday) where we had some lunch and looked at the cute jewellery on offer. At the Potterrow Wednesday market, which is hosted in the Uni’s central campus, I bought myself a vegan maple & pecan doughnut from Considerit’s stall. If you’re ever up in Edinburgh, I 1000% recommend trying their all-vegan doughnuts (they have a cafe by the meadows too). I also tried some Tanzanian peanut butter, greens and chickpea dhal with the most delicious roti. In case you haven’t been watching my Instagram stories, roti/ chapati/ flatbreads are my new addiction and I’ve been giving various homemade recipes a go – expect to see some on the blog soon (hopefully).

not from a market, but when I went to a porridge cafe called Brochan

Finally, I met up with Zara, another Edi-based blogger, at the Leith market during their “vegan” edition. It’s fair to say we ate a lot of food, had a lovely chat and enjoyed the overall friendly market vibe. Next on my list are: the Glasgow vegan christmas market (10th November) and the Edinburgh Christmas markets.
I’m in self-catered accommodation which means I’m cooking all my meals. I was worried that it would be a big stress having to plan meals, buy food and cook it all, but to be honest I love every bit about it. The freedom to try new recipes and experiment with my own. Choosing when I eat and having the flexibility to fit it around my training. And let’s be honest, food shopping is quite fun – I do love myself a good bargain! Favourite meals at the moment are: sweet potato, chickpea & peanut butter curry, buddha bowls (with my kale salad), chickpea “pizzas”, miso-aubergine, sweet potato wedges, garlicky black beans… now I’m literally just making myself hungry 😂

ft. sweet potato, PB and chickpea curry!

Making new friends
Although the excitement of freshers week seems long ago, I’m constantly meeting and making new friends. I was worried that after the first week, everyone would have fully formed friendship groups and it would be a lot harder to make more friends. Whilst this can be true for some people, I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of new people through my tutorials, lectured and socials. Sometimes, you just click with someone, and other times it takes a bit longer to make that connection. But I try to seize every opportunity to meet more people and expand my friendship group, because the majority of people here is genuinely so lovely.

with my gal pal Al

Haries 💚
How could I write a “favourites” post without mentioning the Haries (Hare & Hounds XC club)? From day one, they made me feel so welcome and I have formed so many amazing friends from various year groups through the club. I look forward to Tuesday & Thursday session every week – even if I’m exhausted, I come out feeling so much better. Plus, I’ve loved the new training style and have already noticed the improvements. Racing with them has also meant that I’ve had some fab weekends away (highlight being the most recent one in Manchester). I don’t feel “cooped up” in Edinburgh because most Saturdays I have an excuse to go somewhere different!

repping the green vest © Dan Smith Photography

Thanks to the Haries’ Wednesday weekly socials, I am no longer a potluck newbie. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, then basically it constitutes everyone bringing food (sometimes following a theme, e.g. Mexican), putting it all together and then feasting. It’s amazing because you only bring one thing – or more if you’re generous 😉- and come out stuffed with such a huge array of different foods. It’s great for bonding (eating is sociable after all), trying and discovering new recipes, and filling up on lots for cheap (as you only pay for ingredients for the dish you made). I’ve also been to a few of the Vegan society’s potlucks which have been divine too. Sadly they clash with the Haries Wednesday socials so I haven’t been to as many as I’d have liked.

made this for the last potluck!

Autumn 🍂
More generally, the colours in nature at the moment are stunning. I’m making a conscious effort to appreciate my surroundings more, so I’ve been admiring the colours of the leaves and enjoying the last of the summer’s rays as much as possible. My friend Zara & I definitely had fun week ago jumping & lying in a pile of leaves. Always children at heart 😉

obliterated by the leaves

That’s it from me for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this collection of my recent highlights at Uni. I definitely encourage you to try writing down some things you’re grateful for too, as I find it so therapeutic and rewarding.
Emma ♥♥