things I’m loving lately

You know what time it is! I haven’t done a favourites post in a few weeks and since they’re my favourite (lol) to write, I thought I’d share my most updated ones. Hope you enjoy! x

Iced coffees and sunny terraces

One of the few benefits of being at home during lockdown means that the England rules apply to me rather than the Scotland ones. Aka cafés are now open for “sitting in”, but outside. This week I took myself on a date and went to one of my favourite cafés in Hove (Café Rust) in the morning. I sat on their terrace in the sun, sipped my (decaf) iced coffee, read my book, and felt so zen #maincharactervibes. Joking aside, it was lovely to be able to sit on the terrace and have a semblance of normality.

Quién mató a sara?

It’s a Mexican Netflix series that I’ve just started (“Who killed Sara”) and I am hooked. Right from the get go I was pulled into it. In classic Hispanic style, the series is laced with mystery and scandal, meaning you’re sitting on the edge of your seat for the whole 40-minutes of each episode. Highly recommend! And as a bonus, watching it in Spanish is helping improve my language skills 🙂

podcasts (+ podcasting!)

I think I include podcasts in my favourites posts almost every time, but that’s because my walk + podcast is a sacred part of my day and I genuinely look forward to it with all my heart. I also recently started co-hosting my own podcast, which still feels surreal to say, and I’m absolutely loving that. If you want to check it out, it’s @metime_podcast on Instagram and available on all your favourite listening platforms here. Some other favourites at the moment include:

  • the matcha diaries
  • Goes Without Saying
  • The Yikes Podcast

Colouring in

And no, I don’t mean Geography. I actually mean colouring in. One of my besties bought me the colouring book of Edinburgh for Christmas and I’ve been slowly but surely colouring it in during my spare time (which happens to be quite a lot at the moment). I’m currently doing the Meadows which is time-consuming but so satisfying. It’s so therapeutic so I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new form of self-care. Thanks Rae <3

Biscuit tea

Honestly, Yorkshire Tea’s Biscuit Brew is life-changing. I am now a tea addict. So much so that I had the equivalent of 8 cups of tea in one day once! With a splash of oat milk (haters will hate on me for how dark my tea is) it’s heavenly. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Fearless (Talyor’s version)

I am a relatively recent Swiftie, meaning unlike the OGs Fearless itself was already a bit of a novelty to me. Combined with the fact that the QUEEN herself has re-recorded it so that she ahs full ownership of it, as well as released some never-before heard songs, I’ve been loving it. It’s my current soundtrack to just about everything. In the shower, studying, cooking, ( even on the toilet)… If you haven’t already had a listen, please do! Bring on 1989 😉

I think that’s about it for this week! Catch you next Sunday 🙂

Emma ♥♥