Things I’m Loving Lately #3

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and they’re always fun to write, so I thought it was about time I shared my recent favourites!


Okay, bear with me. I know that this is a food & RUNNING blog. Running is, like, my thing, right? I mean, my name is Fruits and ROUTES. Joking aside, as all you runners will know, our relationship with it is constantly fluctuating. Often in line with how we’re performing in training and races. So when it’s all going well, we love it. And when it’s not going so well (read My Wakeup Call to learn why), we tend to fall out of love with it.

photo from last week’s (snowy) road race

Since I’ve been restoring my weight and fuelling properly, training and racing have been pretty great. Whilst I’ll still have the odd off day (don’t we all?), the overall trend is up. Not only is this encouraging, but it means that I’m loving it again. I don’t constantly feel as though I’m dragging my legs through mud, hills no longer feel like mountains and after every run I’m looking forward to the next one. Plus, the last couple of races have gone well. What more could I ask for?

Running For Real
(not my image)

This is a podcast (yes, I’m still on that train!) hosted by Tina Muir about – you guessed it – all things running. I got into it after I started addressing my RED-S and wanted to educate myself about it. Her episodes with Meg Steffey-Schrier and Jessi Haggerty and Renee McGregor are excellent, and really helped me come to terms with my need to restore my weight and start fuelling adequately.


Because I’m just that old school. (That was a joke. Obviously 😜). In all seriousness, I got into letter-writing back in November after my parents visited for the first time. Ever since, it’s become somewhat of a routine. There’s nothing more satisfying and exciting than receiving a real, tangible letter in the postbox. Trust me on this one, whilst texts and emails are nice, letters take it to a whole new level. I think it has something to do with the process of buying envelopes and stamps, spending time writing it, sending it off and waiting for it to arrive/ receiving it. The whole thing is definitely a sign that someone cares for you! I’ve also received a surprise letter from a friend (you know who you are 😉), which honestly made my day.


For my fellow English friends, it’s pronounced kay-lee and is the traditional Scottish dancing which is often done at parties and events. Clearly, I’m reconnecting with my distant Scottish #roots (or #routes?), because I LOVE a good ceilidh. Not that I’ve done that many (3?), but each time it’s been amazing. You really do have to give it your all, and try not to be embarrassed by the fact that the Scots in the room will probably know the dances off by heart and put you to shame. I actually think it’s more fun being a bit useless because then you get to learn. There’s nothing more satisfying than finally getting the step right after your 29857th attempt!

(All photos here are from the Harie Charity Ball last weekend. Credits to Dan Smith Photography)

Vegsoc potlucks
not made for a potluck… but still yummy vegan food!

So last semester the vegsoc (veggie & vegan society) potlucks were held on a Wednesday, the same night as Harie (XC club) socials. Which meant that I was forced to choose between the two, and about 90% of the time I opted for the Harie social. However, this semester the vegsoc potlucks are on a Friday, meaning I can do both. So, naturally, I’ve been going almost religiously every Friday and am LOVING them. Last week’s theme was Indian and South-East Asian, which I made Naan bread for. Other highlights include the pancake day special (on a Friday, I know), and “Spring”.

nothing to do with English except for the pens (maybe?!)

I was considering omitting this, but I’ve been loving English – lectures, tutorials, texts and assessment – too much lately not to include it. And it all comes down to the lecturers, if I’m honest. I’ve got to give it to the University of Edinburgh, they have some cracking lecturers. Recently, every single lecture has been so interesting, engaging and entertaining. Yes, I am fulfilling the classic #keenbean stereotype (or nerd if you want to be blunt), but that’s me! And, shockingly, I actually really enjoyed writing my last essay of the semester. Although I might not be saying that after I get my mark back…

And that’s it from me today! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and have gotten a bit of an insight into what I’m doing and enjoying at the moment.

Emma ♥♥