Things I’m Loving Lately #4

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “favourites” posts, so I thought I’d do another. Basically just a round-up of all the things I’ve been loving recently. Nothing fancy but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!


Since coming back to uni, I’ve been trialling out a new group on Tuesdays and am loving it so far. Although it means that I’m training 7-8:30pm, getting home around 9pm (aka late), this is the only downside to it. I now have people to run with, which makes such a difference and really helps to push me. Plus, I’ve just been feeling pretty strong in training over the past week which is a first in a long time.

your very own @teenrunnerblog

Now that I’m in second year, I’m no longer in halls. This essentially means I was able to choose who I lived with, and where. It’s just been so nice living with two of my besties, always having someone to talk to and hang out with. What’s more, our location is fantastic; 5 minutes from the pool (so I can roll out of bed into those early morning sessions), 8 from the gym and 10-15 from campus.

PJ Parties

Going out is fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Pyjama Parties. I’m being 100% serious here; sometimes it’s just nice to chill with your friendship group, play card games and chat. It also means you get an earlyish night, which is much-needed at the moment because I’m constantly exhausted.


This Friday we had the first Vegsoc (vegan & veggie society) potluck, and it went so well. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, a potluck is basically an event where everyone makes something (sweet or savoury), brings it and then you get to try everything. I’m treasurer and vice president, so I was a bit nervous, but honestly it went as well as it could have. Need I mention that the array of food was incredible? Some of my friends made the effort to come and support me too which was much appreciated.

all vegan!
Coffee & catch-ups

Although we’re now three weeks into term, there are still so many people to catch up with – and over coffee has been the perfect way of doing so. It’s been so lovely to meet up with friends in smaller groups/ one-on-one and having a good old heart-to-heart. Having said that, last weekend I forgot to ask for decaff (at pm) and paid the price – not getting to sleep until about 4am…

after 8 hot choc in this case!
Library study sessions… with friends

Okay – hear me out on this one. With three essay deadlines looming, I’ve had to really knuckle down with some work. Usually, this would mean that I lock myself in my room and try to get on with it. However, going to the library with friends does make it a lot more bearable. You’re in it together, you get some human interaction (which we all love and need!) and you feel pretty productive too. What more could you ask for? And yes, I’m a nerd 🤓.

Potato waffles

Another weird one, but recently after a night out I’ve been eating potato waffles (if you know, you know). And I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re the ultimate post-clubbing food. Satisfying without being overly salty/ greasy/ heavy, so you can sleep well afterwards and wake up without a hangover. Although having said that, I don’t really get hangovers anyway… I just get hungry.

can’t make potato waffles look good so here’s a smoothie bowl

And that concludes today’s post! Sorry for this weird and wonderful compilation of my recent favourites – I’m just keeping it #real with you guys 😜