Things I’m Loving Lately #7

A lot has changed since my last favourites/ round-up style post. It seems like ages ago that I wrote that one! Since I’m now doing/ enjoying different things and lockdown has progressed, I thought I’d do another. I hope you enjoy!

Thrift flipping

For those that are unaware with this term, it’s basically the concept of upcycling old clothes into something new. So basically a sustainable way of getting new clothes! I first started by embroidering my clothes, but since have moved onto turning my dad’s old shirts into new pieces. My first exploit was a cute puff-sleeved dress that I unfortunately made a bit too small. I’ve learnt a lot since then though and have also invested in a (amateur) sewing machine – so hopefully I’ll be able to wear my next projects!

Ebook reviews

Honestly, reading your reviews of and DMs about my ebook have been the highlight of the past couple of weeks. If you’re interested in buying it then just click here 😉. Anyway, when I wrote and published this ebook, I hoped that it might help at least one of you. But I never expected this. I put a lot of myself into that book so the fact that it’s helping you guys has made it all worth it.

Passion fruit

Really random but I convinced my mum to buy me some passion fruits last week and – after waiting patiently for them to go wrinkly – I’ve been loving them. So fresh, juicy, a bit sour and so sweet! Passion fruit and lime nicecream is my current addiction. Honestly the best combo! And coming from someone who usually always goes for chocolate/ caramel themed brekkies, that’s saying something.

having said that here is a chocolate themed brekkie

Zoom brunches

Going out for brunch was one of my favourite things to do before lockdown. Although a virtual brunch doesn’t *quite* cut it, it does replicate it quite well. Making your favourite bowl/ plate of food, chatting to friends whilst digging in, having a good laugh… I definitely recommend trying it!

crepes stuffed and ready for brunch

(socially distanced) meet ups

Since the lockdown guidelines have changed and rules have relaxed a bit, I’ve really enjoyed meeting my friends – whilst maintaining our 2m of course. Going on long walks or sunbathing together at the beach whilst catching up on the past 2 months has been magical. I never thought something so simple would feel so special – but it does!

The weather

How could I be British and not mention the gorgeous weather we’re being blessed with? Everyday I wake up expecting it to change but the blue skies have been pretty consistent. Especially down south, it’s getting pretty warm and I’m capitalising on the opportunity to build my tan. It will probably be my biggest achievement of lockdown 😂..

That’s all from me today! Stay happy and healthy.

Emma ♥♥