things I’m loving lately #8

It’s been a few weeks since sharing a “favourites” post, so I thought I’d post one this week seeing as they’re one of my favourite blog posts to write. Quite a lot has changed in the past month so it’s good to reflect on what’s been keeping me going 😉

“How to fail”

“How to fail” is a podcast all about, well, failure. It’s hosted by Elizabeth Day (who just has the most therapeutic voice) and she interviews famous guests about their failures in life. Because many of her guests are high-profile and well-known for their successful careers, it’s interesting to get an alternate viewpoint. The podcast shows us that failure is a necessary part of life, and our greatest failures often convert themselves into our greatest successes. Some of my favourite episodes include those with: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Nadiya Hussain, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Jamie Dornan and Dame Kelly Holmes (!).

podcasts & sunset walks 🙂

Gossip girl

I know, I know. I’m about 10 years late to the gossip girl bandwagon – but better late than never, right? I was sceptical at first, because a lot of these high-school American teen dramas don’t appeal to me… but honestly I love it. I’ve just finished season 1, meaning I’ve still got 5 to go (no spoilers please). It’s also become a bit of a ritual watching it in the evenings with my flatmate (who’s already seen it multiple times).

Hot chocolate

Before this semester, I hadn’t had a proper hot chocolate in years. But I’ve recently rediscovered the wonder that is rich and creamy (vegan) hot chocolate. The Maytree in Edinburgh does incredible single origin, bean-to-bar ones that are so delicious – if you’re ever in the area, highly recommend. I also made some at home using plant-based milk, cocoa powder and 70% dark chocolate. Topped with vegan whipped cream it was utter heaven.

present buying

Quite a few of my friends have been turning 21 recently, and the festive season is also almost upon us, so I’ve loved planning and buying the perfect presents for them all. I know many people find it stressful, and I do too, but when you find the right present it’s just so satisfying.  Although maybe that’s just me…

Harry potter

Another ritual with my flatmate, most weekends we’ve watched one of the Harry Potter films (starting from number 1), and we now only have the Deathly Hallows part 2 left. Last weekend we also turned it into a bit of a drinking game (drink when Ron says blimey/ bloody hell, a horcrux is destroyed etc) which was lots of fun – highly recommend. Something about Harry Potter is just so nostalgic for me!

Toasted wraps

I think I might have included this in my last “favourites” post, but there’s a reason for that. It’s still 100% my favourite and go-to lunch at the moment. So quick, easy and delicious. Plus it’s super cheap! Get on the hype 😉

A little closing thought…

Reflecting back on all my recent favourites has been so therapeutic; it’s been a tough few weeks for a number of reasons, and this round-up has allowed me to focus on the (many) positives. The general uncertainty of this time, coupled with the fact that I am injured (again…) has not been easy, but there are so many things to be grateful for.

Until next time,

Emma ♥♥