things I’m loving lately (edinburgh edition)

Apologies for no blog post las weekend; I’m now back in Edinburgh and have been so busy! I know I only did one of these “favourites” posts a few weeks ago, but I am lacking inspo so thought I’d do a round-up of all my edinburgh favourites so far. Hope you enjoy!


Bit of a rogue one to start us off, but I have been loving Pimm’s recently. It just tastes of summer! Plus, I bought a big 1L bottle for £15, reduced from £21, at Sainsbury’s. What a deal! Mixed with ice, lemonade (and cucumber/ strawberries/ orange slices) it truly does hold the promise of summer in every sip.

Podcasting in person

My lovely co-host, Maya, was also in Edinburgh last week, meaning we got to record our first ever podcast episodes LIVE! It was so much fun doing it together in person, as well as having guests on with us. I’m hoping this is a taste of what’s to come next year when we’re both fully moved in to our Uni flats.

with my wonderful co-host <3

Movie nights with flatmates

Honestly, I have missed movie nights with my flatmates. There’s something about sitting on the sofa with your bestie, wrapped in a blanket, sipping a cuppa and watching a good movie. Netflix party doesn’t *quite* cut it! Recent film favourites have been: Miss Americana and the 2005 Pride & Prejudice.

Going out for brunch

I’ve only been out once for brunch so far, but it deserves a mention because it was delicious. The rules are slightly different in Scotland than in England, meaning indoor dining is allowed (but not drinking). Last week I went with 3 of my friends for brunch and it was honestly the best! A taste of normality and a reminder of what it feels like to be out and about, not just stuck at home for 95% of the day.


I try to buy 99% of my clothes second hand, meaning I have been hitting depop and the charity shops pretty hard for the past 2 years. However, I never really had much luck with Vinted until recently. Now I’m loving it and have bought myself some stunning bargains over the past couple of weeks! I find it much more accessible and affordable than depop, albeit less curated, so definitely give it a go if you want some second hand, sustainable bargains.

featuring a vinted purchase!

film camera

I recently bought myself a vintage film camera and, now that I’m in Edinburgh and things are opening up, have started to make full use of it. It’s definitely a learning curve… I may or may not have a few issues loading the film. And I may also have taken a few photos with the lens cover on. Oops. But you live and learn, right? This is my first roll of film and I can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful photos come out of it.

from Han’s latest film roll!

Less screen time

Since being back in Edinburgh and actually having things to do, I’ve spent significantly less time on my screen than during lockdown. I’ve loved just being present with my friends, or filling my time with things other than my screen. It’s been so refreshing and also reminded me that my phone won’t always be my main source of entertainment/ interaction. That this will pass and things are getting better, slowly but surely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll try to get a more profound one written for next Sunday. Bye for now!

Emma ♥♥