Uni & life update

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so I thought I’d just share a life and uni update. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to the past month, then read on! And if not, I’m not sure why you’re here 😉


Since this is partly a running blog, I thought I’d start with that. Or, to be more specific, the fact that I’m not running at the moment. After my first cross country race back on the 19th of October it went a bit downhill. I’d had some mild foot pain for about 5 weeks and had never seen anyone about it as it was never severe nor sore when running. However, since it was bothering me while walking I thought I should see someone – and thank god I did. I was diagnosed with a stress fracture that had partially healed. Obviously I was shocked and didn’t quite believe it, but it is what it is. I’m in the process of getting referred for an MRI/ DXA scan (hopefully both) and therefore am not running. If anyone has experienced something similar I’d be grateful for any advice that you were given!


Last week I was pretty stressed because of a variety of looming deadlines, but they are now done and dusted so I can relax a bit before the final one. That also means I only have 2 weeks left of semester – where has the time gone by? I’m lucky because I have no exams, so after the 29th of November (final deadline & day of class) I’ll be a free soul!

Family visit

My parents, brother and his girl friend kindly came to visit me in Edinburgh two weeks ago, and it was just so lovely to see them all after 7+ weeks! We ate some delicious food, I showed them my favourite places, we went to the modern art gallery (highly recommend!), played monopoly (I won 😉) and did a food shop. If you’re a student, you’ll be able to appreciate what it means to go for a food shop with the rents. They also took care of me when I was sick with a bug! It put a glow on everything and has made me excited to see them in December.

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On that note, although it’s a bit early, I’m starting to get excited for Christmas. I’m going to Bruges for a city break with my mum between the 8-11th December. I’ve never been so am very excited! Any recommendations, please DM me. Then, it’s my dad’s birthday and also my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Lots happening and I can’t wait.

dinner date with teenrunner x

Other than that, I’ve just been pretty busy with general student life! A bit of studying, coffee dates, brunch, potlucks, socials… This semester has just gone by too quickly, and I’m actually really sad about it. I’m trying to cherish every moment – however clichéd that sounds – and be grateful for everyone and everything around me. I may not be running, but I have such a fab support network and am in such a better place than last year that I can thrive despite it. Now I just want to sort it out and get back running when my body is ready, healthy and strong enough.

brochan (again)

I hope you found that remotely interesting and have had a lovely weekend!

Emma ♥♥