Vegan Food Guide: Barcelona

You’ll probably be aware that I went to Barcelona last week with a group of friends (as if I haven’t spoken about it enough already…). A lot of you have messaged me asking for vegan food recommendations, so I thought it was the perfect excuse to write a blog post dedicated to all the fab food spots we discovered. As a side note, Barcelona is an incredibly veggie & vegan-friendly city, and most restaurants we passed said “vegan options” on the front – so you definitely don’t have to stress! Also, I was the only vegan in the group, so most of these places are approved by non-vegans too (they didn’t try all of them).


They have two in Barcelona, one by Barceloneta beach and the other in town. They specialise in acai/ pitaya bowls, but also serve tapioca crepes and some other goodies. For €5.99, you can get an acai and/or pitaya bowl (I got one scoop of each), with granola, banana and honey or agave. I subbed my honey/ agave for more fruit, desiccated coconut and chia seeds – and it did not disappoint! Perfect beach snack, and a real bargain compared to most smoothie bowl places. Plus they were super nice in the shop 🙂

Vegetart Cuina Vegana

You can’t actually eat in here, but it’s perfect to buy something on-the-go. I bought a big slice of vegan Spanish omelette for €2.50 and it was delicious – best vegan omelette I’ve ever had. They also had sandwiches, salads, hummus and other things to takeaway, all reasonably priced.

Vegan Bowls Barcelona

Another super cute eatery (that’s mostly takeout), specialising in ~ surprise surprise ~ vegan bowls. They have porridge, smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, as well as a burrito, nachos and lots of cake! I opted for the cacao dreams smoothie bowl and it was so thick and creamy, as well as being so pretty. My friends had the mexican bowl or the nachos and also said they were delicious. However, in comparison to other places, it was a bit on the pricey side; my bowl cost €8.99.

I promise there was smoothie under all those toppings
Flax & Kale

We actually ended up eating here for dinner one night by accident, but I’m glad we did. At first, I was sceptical because some dishes are pretty expensive, but if you choose well then you can eat for less than €10! I had the vegan pho noodle bowl, which came with jackfruit and oyster mushrooms, and it was honestly so filling and delicious. I was worried the portion size would be small, but it was huge – so you won’t be going hungry! Also, it wasn’t watery at all. The others all tried their vegan margherita and said it was really filling – more so than a “normal” pizza.

Hammock Juice Bar

I ate lunch here on the first day with Hannah, as we were the first two to arrive, and it was such a cute concept. They have hammocks instead of chairs at some tables (hence the name), and serve up a selection of breakfast and brunch-themed foods. I had the mushrooms and hummus on toast and it was really tasty, albeit a bit expensive, with two slices of toast costing me €7.


If you’re looking for sorbet that isn’t watery or icy, then look no further. Although none of their ice creams are vegan, the sorbets are so good you won’t mind. To be honest, the sorbets are so creamy that they’re basically fruity ice cream. I found this place pretty good value as well, considering that you pay €3.70 for a small BUT can choose as many flavours as you like and they shape it (or fail to, as in my case) into a rose. I went for chocolate (chocolate sorbet is apparently a thing?! and it’s not watery?!), raspberry, lemon and litchi.

bit of a failed rose?
Gocce di Latte

This is an all-vegan gelateria which I was really looking forward to trying. They had an interesting range of flavours too, including some classics and some wackier ones. However, I found that its value-for-money wasn’t great, costing €3.30 for a small in a cup/ €3.70 in a cone – but it really was small. Delicious, but I could have done with it being 3 times bigger. I opted for coffee, and banana peanut, both really tasty but a bit stingy. Still worth a visit though!

just a tad small… (me or the ice cream?). Also looking back at this photo I realise how burnt I was oops.

I just thought I’d mention that the Gothic and El Born districts were both vegan havens, so if you just stroll through there, you’re bound to stumble across something. Also, one night we went for tapas and so I thought I’d also highlight the (typically) vegan-friendly tapas options:

  • Padrón peppers/ pimientos de padrón (arguably the best ever)
  • Mushrooms in garlic/ champiñones al ajillo
  • Patatas bravas without the aioli (check if tomato sauce is vegan just in case)
  • Pan con tomate
  • Lots of places offer hummus & pitta now so if you’re struggling for options, there’s that to fall back on!

I hope you’ve found this post useful, and if you’re heading to Barcelona soon then all I can say is you’ll have an incredible time. I miss it already!

Emma ♥♥